Saturday, January 10, 2009


^Not my pool, but something fairly similar!
So the past four days I have been driving 45+ minutes every night to take a pool operator's course. It was painfully dull, one night they passed around parts of a pool's filter and showed us pictures of pools in the county. Thrilling I know. I've been a lifeguard for the past four summers, I know a decent amount about pool operation but this class just made me wayyy more confused. But I passed the class tonight! Now all I have to do is take the health department's test so I can get a pool operator's license. Ridicccc.... I decided I'm going to take it after the stress of this semester is over. It's clearly not rocket science but these head honchos that taught this class wanted to make it that way. Hopefully my boss will clear some things up for me and give me a practice test or something! I'm just sooo relieved that stupid class is over with!

Anywayyy this means that the semester is starting soon :-( I'm kinda looking forward to going back, hoping to have better habits and study more. But I'm definitely not looking forward to the workload and all of the stresses.

I'm pretty much over college. I'm sick of being away from preppy boyfriend, we've been together 5 years, 4 have been long distance. It's just a big frustration that I can't wait to be done with! 3 more semesters! Are there any undergrads out there who just want time to go faster? I feel like if I told anyone this they'd say that college is supposed to be the "time of your life." For me? Not so much!

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  1. I was so ready for college to be done (graduating in May!) but with the job market the way it is right now, I am not so excited!