Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's been quite a semester. So much drama yet so worth what's coming my way.

In March, I interviewed at an AMAZING office. Great people, overall had a good feeling. I called my mom practically in tears thinking my stressful search for a job is over. Two days later, I got the job offer! I'm thrilled. Not only is it awesome that I have a job (that starts 24 hours after graduation) but it's something I always thought I'd love doing but never thought it was realistic. Needless to say I'm a lucky girl!

To my fellow college seniors: Don't give up! Keep truckin' an apply to every job that looks like it might be something you're interested in. That's what I did and look at me now! :-)

So now that I'm just weeks away from graduation and my new career, I can't wait. I'm over school. I hate doing this busy work and all the little hoops I have to jump through just to get to mid-May.

So how's everyone else been? Excited for summer yet?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My girl Neti!

So over this winter break I made a new friend. We met at a CVS while waiting for takeout from a local BBQ restaurant. Actually my dad introduced us.

Her name is Neti. Neti pot.

That's right she's a "nasal irrigator" by day, lifesafer by night. This little teapot looking thing sounds weird but it's aaaa-mazing. I have a lot of chronic sinus headaches and general "stuffiness." Using this thing once or twice a day works wonders, I can actually BREATHE! It's awesome.

So how does it work? Basically you mix this little saline solution with warm water in this teapot thing. Then you put the "spout" up one nostril (cute I know) and tilt your head and out comes the water out of the other nostril.

Here's a video! It kinda explains a little than directions or my description!

Have you tried the neti pot? Are there any other homeopathic remedies out there that do the trick instead?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh hey!!

Remember me?? I'm back!

I know I know... I've been quite the bad blogger. I just felt uninspired and boring, nothing good to talk about!

However, I thought I should get myself back in the game. Not simply to write only interesting things but to keep a "journal" of my life.

This is going to be a big year with graduating, getting a job, moving out of my parents' house (fingers crossed!) and "taking the next step" with the boy! So buckle your seatbelts dear readers, it's going to be quite the ride!!

So what have I been up to since blogging last? Let's list it all!

1. I had a summer internship at a nationally recognized media outlet. It was intense, scary, intimidating, but really a good experience. I was in there when big stories broke and I simply just had to get out of the way to sitting on facebook around looking for stories. Great resume builder but definitely something I couldn't do for the rest of my life. I'm "over" journalism! Good thing I'm concentrating in Public Relations!

2. I started my senior year and my position as managing editor andddd an internship in the Admissions office. So I've been a little busy! The newspaper's doing greaat, I've made quite a number of changes which is exciting. On the other side, it requires a LOT of work. Every Tuesday night, I stay from 3p.m. ish until 4-7 a.m. Wednesday morning. It's pretty rough getting through those Wednesdays with 2-4 hours of sleep. Hopefully this semester will be different!
The internship has really given me the great hands on experience that I wanted. I interview families, read applications, and do a lot of office work. I also give presentations to groups and go to college fairs! It's a lot of fun. I really think this is what I want to do as a career, the only catch is there aren't any positions available there or in the DC/MD/VA area really. Frustrating! But we'll see, I'll keep ya posted!

3.PreppyBF finally met my whole family! That's right, 6 years go by and he hadn't met my aunts, uncles, and countless cousins! They all pretty much live in NY and don't come to visit us so it's not like he's ever had the opportunity. He came up to NY with us this year and I think it went well! My grandmother even bought him a present which I thought was so sweet since she's not that mobile.

4. I applied for some jobs (!) It's pretty nerve-wracking to think I'll need a real big girl job in less than 5 months. The economy's not great but I'm still aiming to get that job asap. I made the mistake a couple weeks ago to apply for "marketing jobs" to find out that they're all tele-marketing. No thanks! I didn't spend four years in school to harass people over the phone. Looks like I'm going to be a "regular" at the Career Center this semester... oyyy

So for now I'm just hangin at home! PreppyBF is doing the law school thanngg with lots of reading so I don't get to see him much during the week. I go back to school on Sunday, with classes starting Monday.

Is there anything you'd like me to fill ya in on? Let me know!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiffany and Co or I'll say no

Just kidding!!

First off I wanted to say I'm back! My internship's over (thank goodness!) so I have plenty of time to get back to blogging. I go back to school a week from Sunday!

Anywayy today is my parent's 25th anniversary. I met my dad for lunch and headed over to Tiffany's to pick out a present for my mom. We went there thinking we'd get her the Venetian Link bracelet, which my sister and I both have.Unfortunately, they were waiting for a shipment of the bracelets so that option was out. We needed a present for tonight! So we went over and looked at the "diamonds by the yard" bracelets and were sold. It's dainty and understated-- just what my mom likes!

While we were waiting, my dad and I thought we'd wander around the store.. into the diamonds section. Big mistake. Melissa, the nice diamond lady said hi and immediately brought over a big fat engagement ring for me to try on. I was so flustered.. especially with my dad right there! Guess how much it costs.... $60,500!! It was 2 and 1/3 carats. Ridiculous. The diamond was gorgeous.. It was so sad to see it put back into it's case. Thenn to make matters more awkward the sales associate says "yeah when it's slow I go over there and just try on rings, I have the perfect ring just waiting for the guy! But that's a couple years away.." and my dad turns to me and says "So how about you?" I was so caught off guard I just responded "I don't know!" haha oyyyyy....

So I'm off to clean my room and get ready for dinner tonight! I will update on my summer tomorrow!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tisk Tisk!

Hey gang! I'm baack! I'm so sorry I've left you all in the dark lately.. I've been so busy with the new internship, life and work at the pool! I currently have 650 on my google reader.. pretty daunting haha.. Anyway things are going great, the internship is interesting (I'll definitely give you all a recap when I get a chance!)

I'm probably heading to the beach next weekend which leads me to a quick question! Any good beach reads? I'm a big Jodi Picoult fan so I've been reading all her books but they seem to be snatched up at the library! I guess people have the same idea. What books are you reading this summer? Send me your recommendations!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Stretch!

At 6:30 Tuesday, I will officially be done with junior year! Like Wearing Mascara (except she posts more than I have!), I know I've been fairly absent from the blog world but I pink swear after Tuesday I'll be back to posting regularly. Here's what's standing in between me and Summer 2009:
- Two take home exams (Theology and Economics) due Monday
- Work Sunday night
- Getting my internship approved and squared away so I get college credit!
- Cleaning up the newspaper office and meeting with the advisor
- PR exam
- American History Exam
- Packing up the room! and checking out!
I'm sooo close but it feels so far away! Yesterday I went home to bring some things home so the move home Tuesday won't be so overwhelming. It was also my little sister's senior prom! She looked gorgeous. It was very humid so her hair got a little frizzy but it didn't show up in the pictures. This is the dress she wore!

It's BCBG, veryy pretty! I first thought it was navy blue but it's in between navy and royal. I loove the bow in the back!

Anywayyy kiddos I should head to the library to print off this take home exam! I'll be back Tuesday probably!

PS PreppyBF got into law school plus a scholarship!! He got waitlisted at #1 choice so we'll see where he ends up!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Be at Peace

Yesterday, a student at PreppyU was on a run and was fatally stuck by a car. I had the honor of covering the death in my paper. It was a whole lot of work, the story broke around 6PM and we were planning on wrapping up the paper by midnight. Needless to say that didn't happen. I was there until 5:47 and didn't go to sleep until 6:30 to wake up @ 9:30.

I'm really not too upset about the lost sleep. I wouldn't have done it any other way. I'm glad I could put together a tribute, something carefully written- not some news article that looks like the AP covered.

I didn't know the victim really, she worked at the Old Navy so we were familiar (shows how much I shop there!) She always struck up conversation, something I should've been more receptive to doing. I wasn't friends with her but my heart breaks for her family and friends. She was to graduate a week from Sunday. Just shows how nothing is certain, you never know what tomorrow'll bring. I know it all sounds cliche but it's true.

We all lose people we love. It's upsetting and confusing and emotional. Today in my theology class, the professor (who I really admire) gave us a prayer that she found consoling while she was battling cancer. We read it outloud as a class and I couldn't speak. I had a tough enough time keeping back tears. I'll share it with you all since I know a few of you have lost grandparents and loved ones recently.

Be at Peace
Do not look forward in fear to the changes of life;
rather look to them with full hope as they arise.
God, whose very own you are,
will deliver you from out of them.
He has kept you hitherto,
and He will lead you safely through all things;
and when you cannot stand it,
God will bury you in his arms.

Do no fear what may happen tomorrow;
the same everlasting Father who cares for you today
will take care of you then and everyday.
He will either shield you from suffering,
or will give you unfailing strength to bear it.
Be at peace,
and put aside all anxious thoughts and imagination

-Francis de Sales