Wednesday, February 4, 2009

(Enter PreppyBoyfriend.)

Hi, everybody! If you've been reading the blog, you'll be familiar (for better or worse) with some individual known nebulously as PreppyBF (or something along those lines)... well, I am he. I have to thank my adorable girlfriend for allowing me to come on here and embarrass her. She thinks I'm a bit verbose (although she calls it nerdy), and she'll probably be upset at my writing style. She used to always tear apart my papers that I would write while earning my Bachelors degree in Philosophy. But that's what I get for loving an aspiring Communications major. She likes to simplify language for greater efficiency, and I like to use language for the efficacious expounding of my empirical observations. (That was for her. She likes alliteration... apparently.)

In all seriousness, my girlfriend is amazing. She has helped me in more ways than she'll ever know. There have been some very difficult times over the past years, and she has always been right there for me. I'm glad you all enjoy reading about her daily goings-on and various obsessions. I know you'll come to find that there is so much more to her than just Grays Anatomy, and Lilly Pulitzer boots or wellies or whatever.

I would also like to thank all of you who have wished me luck on the LSAT. It's coming up this Saturday, and I'm a little anxious... but definitely confident. I've still got a couple things I could improve on, and I wish I had more time (read: wish I hadn't procrastinated), but overall I feel good about this. I'll be sure to keep the blog updated with my progress.

As far as the requisite "Tell-us-something-about-yourself" part goes:
I'm 22 years old. Graduated in May of '08 with a B.S. in philosophy, and I've yet to hear the end of the omnipresent question: "What in the world are you going to do with that?"
I currently work in a local hardware store, and I'm pretty handy. So if anyone has any vexxing home improvement problems, just let me know and I'll lend you my most professional opinion.
My passion (besides my undying love for "PreppyGirl") is politics, and I rarely don't have an opinion on any given current event. I guess it's a blessing and a curse. So I'm considering starting up my own blog and filling it with my daily ruminations and late-night, semi-coherent rantings. You may disagree with me, or you may identify with my point of view. But there is little I enjoy more than a good, civilized debate. Sorry, I have to warn you though... I tend to win. (I'm really not that cocky or arrogant. If I'm being honest, it's really just a means of deflecting my own self-doubt.)

Anyway, I can't really think of anything else worth saying. I guess I'd just sum it up by saying I'm excited to be a part of my girlfriend's new hobby. You'll hear more from me later. Unless, of course, everybody hates me. If that's the case, I'll just go into hiding.


  1. Hello PreppyBF. Nice introduction. I love seeing a man that is open about his love and affection for the woman he loves. PreppyGirl, keep this one around. I look forward to more posts from you. Good luck Saturday!

  2. Welcome PreppyBF! It was nice getting to know you. Sounds like you and my boyfriend could be PreppyBFF's! Seriously, let us know when you start your blog and I'll send him your way!

    GOOD LUCK SATURDAY!!!! Make us proud :)

  3. omg! preppyboyfriend you are too much like my boyfriend, M! except he's a psychology major who is overly verbose and yes, nerdy in his own special way! :) and like your girlfriend, preppygirl, i am a communication studies major who feels that language should be simplified and efficient, even though words and rhetoric are fun! ♥

  4. Hello and welcome!! I also graduated from college with a degree in Philosophy and decided to go to law school :) What else do you do with it??!!

    Good luck Saturday!

  5. Good luck on the law school process!!! Any updates?? I'm in the middle of the process myself! WHAT a tough decision :/