Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh hey!

Thank you so much Newlywed Stilettos for the introduction! It means a lot and I'm so happy for new followers! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around :-)

In other news, I appreciate all your comments from my post this morning, I am hoping to get a full night's sleep tonight! PreppyBoyfriend is looking forward to making his debut and is happy to hear you are too! (He also tweaked my header! What a sweet boy!)

Today I woke up with only 4 hours of sleep which equals a barely functioning PreppyGirl! I made it to my classes, turned in my "journals" that were due and delivered the papers I was in charge of. I quickly returned to my room, closed the shade, had a quick lunch and had an almost 2 hour nap! Allllll better! Pretty uneventful day..

In other news, I found out the other night that I'm invited to PreppyBF's cousin's wedding in Colorado. I wasn't sure if my parents would let me go but looks like I'm getting the green light! The wedding is in July, right before my birthday. I'm pretty excited, we're going the Wednesday or Thursday before the Saturday night wedding and flying back the following Tuesday. So since I'm going, I have to look for a dress to wear! Not sure what the attire will be, I've heard that PreppyBf's uncle (father of the groom) is wearing a tux, but that doesn't help me really! We'll have to investigate so I can start shopping! Any Colorado readers out there? Any recommendations to where we should go touristing? PreppyBF said we should go to Garden of the Gods, I've never been to Colorado so I can't wait!


I just got back from my newspaper meeting. My advisor pulled me aside afterward and said I'm a main contender for the MANAGING editor position. Aka I would be the editor in CHIEF?! whaaaat?? Holy smokes.. Of course I'd take it but it's so much work! And it's a paid position! Should be interesting to see how this develops.. I'll keep you posted!


  1. You will find the perfect dress for the wedding!

  2. I am a Denver girl! How exciting that you will be here, July is a wonderful month here. Depending on the time you will actually have there are lots of fun things to do here! Garden of the Gods is amazing, and while you are up that way you should head over to the Air Force Campus, it is beautiful! If you have time you can drive to the mountains for the day- even if you just go to have lunch and wander around. It is about a hour and a half drive to places like Vail from Denver.

    Hope you have a ton of fun!

  3. Congratulations on Editor in Chief! That would be awesome!