Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Award time!

Helloooo all! Hope you are having a great week! It was a yucky day here @ PreppyU.. super windy! Makes me just want to curl up in sweats and read magazines and sleep! Thank goodness the weekend's almost here! I plan on taking it easy, doing a couple tours, shopping, and catching up on school work. Spring Break starts a week from tomorrow! Woooo!!

Anyway on to the topic of this post: Awards! Thank you Lou Lou In Lilly and Head over Heels! You are too sweet!

The first one is the seven things you might not know about me! Hopefully it'll help get to know me better!

1. I'm the oldest child yet the shortest. My sister is atleast 5'8" and 15 year old brother is hovering around 6 feet. Somehow I ended up at 5'5". No fair. My dad's 6'2" and my mom's 5'4" I guess I take after mom's side of the family. I don't really care until someone asks if my sister's older than me. When I moved in to school freshman year the alumni check-in lady kept asking my sister where she was living. She didn't believe that I was the freshman not her!
2. I am super paranoid about locking myself out of my room so I'll check for my keys a million times or triple check that the door is unlocked if I'm taking a shower or going to the bathroom. Yay minor OCD!
3. If I could snap my fingers and pick a profession, I'd become a nurse or a doctor. Since becoming a lifeguard, I've dealt with a LOT of nasty, disgusting things (mainly bodily fluids and some fun injuries like earrings stuck in feet!)but its all worth it when you save a life. On the downside, I am horrible at math, science, etc along with blood and guts. Doesn't equal a very good nursing candidate haha
4. I have mini-panic moments (not really attacks I'd say haha) right before I get on escalators. It only happens when I go down, not up! PreppyBoyfriend likes to make fun of me every time. He's too sweet.
5. I LOVE dogs. I can name a ridiculous number of breeds. When I was little I would research them thinking that would convince my parents to get me a puppy. No such luck.. I'm starting to harass the boyfriend now instead.
6. My 2nd word was Dumbo because I watched that movie so much!
7. I used to be embarrassed that my mom would shop at Target. In elementary school when I would use grocery bags to bring things in, I would never use a Target bag because I didn't want the other kids to make fun of me. Funny how times change! I could spend hours in there now and talk about it for days!

For this one, I tag the first 7 commenters!

Head over heels gave me the Life is Grand Award! Here are my 5 reasons:
1. Life is grand because I have a wonderful family. We always have a great time together.
2. Life is grand because I met my soulmate at 15. I'm so thankful that we met so early in life, that we went through the long distance thing, and other ups and downs. We're so much stronger because of it!
3. Life is grand because I am more than halfway done with my college career! I've grown so much being here, but am excited to move onward and upward!
4. Life is grand because I'm healthy and happy!
5. Life is grand because the future is bright and I look forward to seeing what's in store for me.

This award I'm tagging the last 5 people to start following me! Thanks for hopping on board the PreppyGirl train! Everyone else go say hi to them!
Have a wonderful night! I'll be on campus this weekend and probably will be procrastinating all my work due next week by posting on here!


  1. So cute. Target didn't exist (at least not in south Fla where I grew up) when I was a kid. But I could spend all day in there now! I told my college sorority kids one day that Target was my favorite store and they still think it is the funniest thing ever.

  2. How do you deal with the DC metro escalators? Those things are crazy!

  3. TELLL me about it!! I freak out a little bit!! A couple times the BF and I have tried to find the elevators instead!

  4. Thanks for the tag!!! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!