Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Stretch!

At 6:30 Tuesday, I will officially be done with junior year! Like Wearing Mascara (except she posts more than I have!), I know I've been fairly absent from the blog world but I pink swear after Tuesday I'll be back to posting regularly. Here's what's standing in between me and Summer 2009:
- Two take home exams (Theology and Economics) due Monday
- Work Sunday night
- Getting my internship approved and squared away so I get college credit!
- Cleaning up the newspaper office and meeting with the advisor
- PR exam
- American History Exam
- Packing up the room! and checking out!
I'm sooo close but it feels so far away! Yesterday I went home to bring some things home so the move home Tuesday won't be so overwhelming. It was also my little sister's senior prom! She looked gorgeous. It was very humid so her hair got a little frizzy but it didn't show up in the pictures. This is the dress she wore!

It's BCBG, veryy pretty! I first thought it was navy blue but it's in between navy and royal. I loove the bow in the back!

Anywayyy kiddos I should head to the library to print off this take home exam! I'll be back Tuesday probably!

PS PreppyBF got into law school plus a scholarship!! He got waitlisted at #1 choice so we'll see where he ends up!