Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiffany and Co or I'll say no

Just kidding!!

First off I wanted to say I'm back! My internship's over (thank goodness!) so I have plenty of time to get back to blogging. I go back to school a week from Sunday!

Anywayy today is my parent's 25th anniversary. I met my dad for lunch and headed over to Tiffany's to pick out a present for my mom. We went there thinking we'd get her the Venetian Link bracelet, which my sister and I both have.Unfortunately, they were waiting for a shipment of the bracelets so that option was out. We needed a present for tonight! So we went over and looked at the "diamonds by the yard" bracelets and were sold. It's dainty and understated-- just what my mom likes!

While we were waiting, my dad and I thought we'd wander around the store.. into the diamonds section. Big mistake. Melissa, the nice diamond lady said hi and immediately brought over a big fat engagement ring for me to try on. I was so flustered.. especially with my dad right there! Guess how much it costs.... $60,500!! It was 2 and 1/3 carats. Ridiculous. The diamond was gorgeous.. It was so sad to see it put back into it's case. Thenn to make matters more awkward the sales associate says "yeah when it's slow I go over there and just try on rings, I have the perfect ring just waiting for the guy! But that's a couple years away.." and my dad turns to me and says "So how about you?" I was so caught off guard I just responded "I don't know!" haha oyyyyy....

So I'm off to clean my room and get ready for dinner tonight! I will update on my summer tomorrow!


  1. Wow... that's pretty insane! Kind of gorgeous though!

  2. How was your internship? What did you do? That ring is absolutely beautiful!!

  3. You are absolutely worth it! And in years to come, that will not look like such a big number... like your first car payment! :))