Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My girl Neti!

So over this winter break I made a new friend. We met at a CVS while waiting for takeout from a local BBQ restaurant. Actually my dad introduced us.

Her name is Neti. Neti pot.

That's right she's a "nasal irrigator" by day, lifesafer by night. This little teapot looking thing sounds weird but it's aaaa-mazing. I have a lot of chronic sinus headaches and general "stuffiness." Using this thing once or twice a day works wonders, I can actually BREATHE! It's awesome.

So how does it work? Basically you mix this little saline solution with warm water in this teapot thing. Then you put the "spout" up one nostril (cute I know) and tilt your head and out comes the water out of the other nostril.

Here's a video! It kinda explains a little than directions or my description!

Have you tried the neti pot? Are there any other homeopathic remedies out there that do the trick instead?


  1. I use the Neti Pot as well. It works. Another little trick I have used is to have a Cool Mist humidifier going in the bedroom at night and to use a saline spray in each nostril at night and then put vaseline around the nasal passage. This helps the nasal passage not dry out.
    I have horrible sinus headache and infections if I do not do this. I went to an ENT nad this is the procedure he told me to do things. I am to use the neti post and then these steps.
    Another thing is Advil cold and sinus it helps with the inflamation as well. (I just don't take those very often--for other reasons--They work wonderfully though).
    Another is to keep some magnesium tablets with you. If you feel a headache or the like coming on take one of these in the strength of 250 or so. (Not too often or adverse reactions might keep you in the bathroom).

  2. I have a Neti Pot too... I loooooooove it :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I swear by my Neti Pot. A good ole Neti Rinse is part of my daily bedtime routine. And it is especially awesome when I travel! I always used to get sick when I flew but now as soon as a I land and can be in the privacy of a bathroom, I whip out my Neti Pot and rinse. I have not been sick post travel since!

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  7. I've never used one before but at this point I'm willing to try anything!

  8. that's one of the wackiest things ive seen in a while. without a recommendation i would have passed that thing up at cvs two hundred times dismissing it as a hoax. i can see how they started this thing though, one late night with a coffee pot and no sleep

  9. This is crazy, Im ean is it like a joke thing?
    what stops the water going down the back of your throat? Sounds too weird to be true.

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  10. heard of it but never knew it worked, thanks

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  13. I prefer the bottle with the top. My doc said to aim it toward the outer part of my nose and hold my breath! It works wonders when I begin to feel stuffy!

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