Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icy Spill

So I thankfully had a two hour delay today! Got to sleep in an extra hour which was nice, I don't like ending classes later though. After lunch, I took a nice hot shower and took a cat nap. After waking up, I quickly ate some dinner and hurried over to work at the Admissions office. The ground looked wet, it was misting so I figured all the ice/snow was gone. Before rounding the corner right next to work, I took quite the tumble.. It hurt sooo bad! I ended up on my hands and knees, thankfully no one saw me! I wanted to pick myself up and skip work but I walked myself over to work like a trooper..

After chit chatting with some coworkers I realized my knee was bleeding, right through my jeans! The cut was stinging at work but when I got back the actual knee started throbbing! How wonderfulll... So here I am sitting with my knee on my desk (I'm flexible so that helps to elevate)

On a lighter note, PreppyBF asked me today what my ideal carat size I'd want for my engagement ring (someday.) He figured it be better to ask way in advance so I don't get any ideas! I have noo idea though, I don't want it to be like itty bitty but certainly don't need a $10,000 ring. He said he's starting to save now! I told him I'd have to try some on and see! Wahoo!

I'm off to finish homework and dream about the 4 C's!! Haha stay warm loves!

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