Thursday, January 29, 2009


So after my tumble yesterday I decided I'm sick of winter. My school won't close, my professors are troopers who aren't afraid to make the trip up here, so winter is of no use to me! I miss my tan, sand between my toes, and a good book in my hands. So if I was made of money and could spend it on things for this summer, this is what I'd get!

1. A summery/spring wallet- I got a really cheap green purse that matches this wallet perfectly. I'm hoping a sweet tax refund will give me some spending money and I can splurge on this!

2. A Cruise- I've been wanting to go on one for a while. PreppyBF has gone on a couple, the pictures look like it was a lot of fun. I think a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise would be fabulous, the shopping I would have to do would be awesome too! I can't wait until PreppyBF and I can travel together by ourselves, we're thinking of Spring Break next year (romantic right? haha) Doesn't this picture look tempting??

3. A personal trainer- Gotta get bikini bod ready! I'm completely unmotivated and think this would do the trick! I think Bob from Biggest Loser would reaaaaally do the trick! Who wouldn't want to look at this while pumping that iron!?

4. Addison Montgomery's Wardrobe- I looove watching Private Practice and would love to raid their wardrobe department. Addison (Kate Walsh) is always perfectly put together. Never too flashy or trendy, never revealing or slutty. Sheer perfection!

5. The Volkswagen Eos- the perfect summer car! I want navy blue with tan leather interior. The perfect preppy transportation! Maybe I'll get it someday and put a nice PreppyU Alumni License Plate frame on it. Sounds like a plan. What would be your ideal car?

6. Ralph Lauren Bikini- I'm not trim and fit enough to spend that kind of money ($100+!) But if I were, this is what I'd get. It's really cute and very classy. I was leaning more towards a black bikini because it's so timeless but this one is definitely more fun.

So ladies, have you gotten cabin fever yet? What's on your wishlist? Any things you'd add to mine?


  1. What a fabulous wish list!!! I really like Eos Car

  2. I want Addison't wardrobe too! She always looks so fabulous!

  3. I am taking a Mediterranean after graduation in May!

  4. The wallet and bikini are amazing! I can't wait for summer!!

  5. That wallet is super cute!!

  6. Mmmm, I want a cruise really badly right now! Amazing.