Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Attention Bravo "Housewives" Fans!

So I fell again today. How I did it I have no idea. I was walking on the snow because the sidewalks take so much longer and are in a direction I'm not going! The snow was melting and I figured I'd be fine! Nope! I slipped and fell in the muddy snow in front of all this people and after I got up I realized I got my jeans ALLL muddy. On top of all that I was running late to class and had to go sit in a hour and 15 minute class soaked with mud. Completely embarrassing. To make matters worse, you all have read about my hate for washing jeans. I got my other favorite pair bloody from my knee last time. Now I have two pairs to wash and am forced to wear my oldd ratty jeans. Looks like PreppyGirl is going to have to do laundry ASAP!

I know this is an old video but thought I'd share just in case you ladies aren't by a TV during the day! Bonnie Hunt has a show on @ 12 here and she always talks about the Housewives on Bravo. So a couple months? ago she did a spoof of the Atlanta Housewives with Niecey Nash (also on Clean House on Style Network and I think she's also on Reno 911.) She had Niecey Nash on her show again today and reminded me of the video! Anyway! It's a spot on imitation of these ladies! Enjoyy!

I'm off to class #2! I hope I don't fall again! Have a wonderful day ladies!


  1. I fall more than most people.

    I totally relate.

  2. Oh you poor thing!! I also hate washing my jeans. It always seems like they get to where they fit perfectly and then I spill on them

    Funny video! I love all of the Housewive's shows!

  3. i totally saw this and was cracking up...did you see the spoof she did where she was on american idol...seriously so hilarious

  4. Oh NO! I'm so sorry about your denim! I was so worried yesterday on campus because while most snow was melty, there were a few patches I was convinced I would wipe out on!

  5. Did you hear they're coming out with a Real Housewives of New Jersey? Yup! It starts in April I believe and the housewives are fro my town! This should be interestingggg...

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