Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

valentines day outfit

Here's my potential valentines day outfit! Hopefully it all looks good together, the shirt and cardigan are both at home. The jeans are semi-high waisted, they sit on my hips as opposed to The purse in real life actually is brown, matches the boots perfectly!
I included the ring because it's pretty and I had a lot of blank space. It's Valentine's Day! Who knows! Haha.. jussst kidding. PreppyBoyfriend and I are not getting engaged while yours truly is still in college. That's just.. weird.

So anywayy I'm headed home tomorrow after giving a tour. I have an appointment to get a trim @ 4:30 then PreppyBF and I are going out to dinner @ 8. (Yes we are going out Friday so I can debut my haircut, it'll look better in pictures that way!) He said casual so this is what I came up with!

So what am I doing with my hair you may ask? My answer is I don't know! It's fairly short, it just hits my collarbone. I cut off 8 inches in September and donated it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. At the time, it was too short to do layers but it really makes my hair triangular. I'm hoping to get layers but definitely don't want to sacrifice too much length since I'm growing it out again.

This is what it was in September. Maybe a little bit longer than Katie Holmes but you get the idea. Oh and my bangs weren't as thick, it was more side-swept.

I'm thinking of doing more of a K.Heigl 'do. It has layers, but isn't ridiculously short. We'llll seee... I think I have much thicker hair than her so we'll have to see what my girl thinks. She's an amazzing stylist, knows my hair type and how to work around it well. I loved my Sept. hair but I can't make it curly and pretty much have to straighten it or put it back!

I'm off to bed kiddos.. I'm not sure if I'll have time to update this weekend but as soon as I get back to school posting an update will be the first thing I do!! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day dear followers! Stay smiling!


  1. I was SO hoping for a ring! I walked in to his apt earlier and saw my new HDTV! I liked it, but it's hard to put a smile on my face when I want something so badly.

    I love Katies haircut! You could curl your hair with your straightener! Super fast and super easy!! And with short hair, it would be absolutely adorable!!!

    Hope you have an amazing V-day!

  2. Cute outfit, love the boots!! I like both hair do's ! Can't wait to see pics of your new do:)

  3. i am loving your boots!! have fun with the haircut!! :)

  4. Happy Valentines Day! Hope you love your hair cut. Come by sometime and say hello

  5. Adorable outfit! Nice to run across your blog!