Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Steal

So I'm a week late but last Saturday I went shopping looking for an outfit for my interviews on Thursday. We were at Lord and Taylor in the men's shoes section and they had Lacoste and Sperry slip ons (kinda like Vans) for only $15!!! So after PreppyBF bought his shoes, I wanted to go check out the Woman's dept. and see if they had any deals! This is what I came across:
guess how much I got them for!! $23 a pair!!!! I got them in the yellow and also white with navy trim. They were marked down to 30 but my coupon clipper mother had an all day savings pass so they got down to $23! Ridiculous. I was planning on splurging on these this summer but couldn't decide what colors to get. I guess my decision was made for me! It works out well though, the yellow matches a dress I'll be wearing to my sister's high school graduation. (Their colors are blue and gold so the fam will all be wearing one of the two, going to be a cute preppy Christmas picture!)

We also headed to another store to look for black pants. I ended up getting a Calvin Klein gray skirt that is fantastic and then basic black slacks. My mom and I both decided that we'll wait to buy me a suit until I know what kind of internship I'll have. Hopefully I'll find out soon.. we're headed to the Rehobeth outlets as soon as I get home for Easter Break! We're pretty hardcore shoppers haha..

As for the interviews, I think they went really well. I actually heard from the contact I used for the first interview and he said I was "very likeable" and if they have room in their budget/need for an intern they'll have me come back for another interview! The other interview was really relaxed, the director was wearing jeans and a backwards hat?? Weird I know.. I always am a little pessimistic but I think they liked me. The second place would be much more fun and a 15 minute commute versus about an hour. The first one would have a stipend and the second would be for credit. Whooo knows what'll happen! I'm still applying so maybe there'll be more opportunities around the corner! My dad also offered me a position with his firm which I might do part time to add to my resume some more! Time will tell what'll happen but I'll definitely keep you all in the loop! I probably won't go into detail about the companies since they're very easy to guess what they are though. Gotta stay top secret :-)

Today has been quite the lazy day.. I woke up to the sound of PreppyBF calling me at 12:30. I sat around until 1:30ish then got brunch with A. I had a belgium waffle and a black cherry propel. Usually I have a pepsi with waffles (weird I know) but I gave Pepsi up for lent! I started out giving up "colas" for Lent and it's evolved to giving up soda completely. It'll be 3 weeks on Tuesday being "soda sober" haha.. It's so hard, especially at home where it's either water or a can of soda. I usually get my mom to buy me Hawaiian Punch or some type of juice but the last two times I was home she forgot! Grrr..

After brunch I showered real quick and we hit up Rita's!! I used to only be able to get it on the Jersey shore but it's spread all over now! I have two at home and there's one close by to my school. I always get cherry gelatis... It's sooo good, would've been better if it was warm out. It's been misty and cold the whole day.

Anywayy I better clean up a little bit. PreppyBF just called me saying he'll be coming up tonight! I love surprise visits! He's the bestttt<3 I hope you lovely ladies enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. That is the most fabulous deal of the century!! Great find- love the yellow!

  2. Which Lord and Taylor was this?? I need to head there asap!