Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ohhh happy day!

Hey gang! Sorry I've been MIA lately! I've been keeping up with my google reader but no time to actually update! Today I have BIG news!

I GOT TWO INTERNSHIP OFFERS! phew. That feels sooo good to write out. A week ago, I was completely overwhelmed that I didn't hear from the first place I applied and interviewed at. I thought I would have to work at my dad's company (not related to my major at all) and basically gave up hope! Then I went to a job and internship fair at my school hosted by the Career Center. I then met with an alumni who works in a media outlet. We clicked instantly, he actually was sports editor for PreppyU when he went here! I sent him my application that night, hoping this would work out. We scheduled an interview for today! All my fingers and toes were crossed, especially since I gave up hope from the first internship interview.

So today at 3:30, I was waiting to hear from alum interview guy. My phone rang, I took a deep breath and answered the phone. It was that first internship calling! I got the internship! Crazy. I told them I was weighing my options and I'd let them know by Monday. I was shocked, couldn't believe of all days they called today!

Two minutes later I got a call from the alum, the first thing he said was this interview was a formality and that I got the internship. PHEW! I told him why I wanted the internship and we chatted about my pool.

I decided I'm going to take the second offer, mainly because I can't turn down a connection with an alum and it's a little bit more "serious" than the other. It is farther away, a 40 min commute instead of like 15 but totally worth it. The alum also said that they hire a majority of their summer interns when they graduate! Definitely more incentive to go there.

Right afterwards, I called PreppyBF and it hit me. I had an internship and everything worked out. I applied to over 12 places and all that work finally paid off. I even started to tear up on the phone with PBF! It's all coming together and I couldn't be happier!

Now on to PreppyBF's law school hunt. He was accepted to a school but unfortunately their deadline for a deposit was April 15th! CRAZY. He still hadn't heard from other schools so he decided to hope for the best from the other four schools. He wants to go to a school in Virginia, it's more prestigious and has a Republican reputation (icing on the cake!) Fingers crossed he gets in! The other two schools are great too, I'm sure he'd agree that he'd be happy wherever he ends up!

In other news my little sister just put in her deposit for school next year. I went last weekend to her accepted students day and am in love with the campus. It's very similar to PreppyU, minus the fact that it was 4 times bigger! I'm really proud of her, she definitely made the right choice.

Anyway how is everyone? It's supposed to be a wonderful weekend! We have a spring dance on Friday (we have a lot of dances, more than my highschool did! haha) so PBF will be coming up! Very excited to see him and celebrate! I also plan on staying outside as much as possible and heading to the nearby outlets (not serious shopping though.) I need to get moving on cleaning my room! Hope all is well!