Saturday, January 24, 2009

B is for...

Lou Lou In Lilly tagged me in a fun Alphabet game and I got the letter B!

So... I thought I'd share with you a couple of my favorite things that begin with the letter B!

ridal gown.
If money were no object and I was a size 2 and getting married soon, this is the dress I'd get!
it's a Valentino for Pronovias gown and exactly what I want. Something simply, classic, and timeless. I wanted something with straps but isn't too matronly. Perfectionnnn

2. Boots
I just got new boots from gap and I'm so proud of my bargain shopping. I went during winter break with my mom and they were $40, something I was okay with spending but figured I wouldn't wear them enough to make it worth while. So today I went back with my bestiee looking for a birthday present for my mom. I went to the clearance section and there they were! For TEN yes $10 bucks! Crazy!! This picture is the closest I could get to what I have, They don't have a buckle on the top and the bottom buckle is a little bit closer to the ankle. They're basically the same color though. I can't wait to wear them!

3. Baking
one of my favorite things to do! Next year I'll have an apartment and I definitely plan on baking a lot... I love making brownies, cookies, raspberry bars, etcc! I think it's a lot of fun and makes people happy :-)

4. Burt's Bees
My favooritte! They have a display in the bookstore at my school and I love their products. My face is sensitive but the products are amazing. The best is their "Pomegranate Oil" Replenishing lip balm. It kinda leaves a tinge of light red/pink so it's not really meant for guys but it totally helps avoid chapped lips!

5. Bangles

In the summer, they're one of my favorite accessories. Wintertime, my sleeves covered them so I don't get to show them off :-( I have three from j.crew that I wore this past semester- my collection will be expanding this summer!

6. Baby Mama
Hil-ar-i-ousssss movie!! It's sooo funny but cute at the same time. Ladies if you're looking for a good laugh, watch this movie!

7. Banana Republic

I love their clothes. BR is always classy and understated, nothing way too trendy or over the top. I don't really have a need to go there yet.. (my school doesn't wear much beyond sweats to class) but I love looking in there and pretending what I'd buy if I had a real job! Someeedayyyy!

8. Bamboo
I do NOT have a green thumb and so far only one of my 3 bamboo got killed off of Preppy Dorm Island! Not too bad! They grow fast so it makes me feel like I'm doing something right and require no maintenance= perfect plant for PreppyGirl. I got mine at Ikea and got one spiral and two straight vertical ones. With feng shui says that 3 bamboo= happiness, 5= health, 2=love and marriage, and 8= wealth and abundance. I guess the third one died because it knew I was happy!

9. Basset Hounds
I have such a soft spot for them! My grammy had one, his name was Sherlock. Great dog, so loyal but barked and howeled a lot. I think they have the cutest faces! How could you say no to this faceeee! There's so many dogs I'd love to have, a yorkie is definitely in my future though. I always joke with PreppyBF and say I want a farm so I can have all the dogs/animals I want!

10. Blogs!
Not only is the blog world a source of procrastination but it's also a great place to connect with you all! Leave a comment if you want me to tag you a lettter!


  1. Ah I had a Pronovias gown at my wedding! Oh my good God I loved that dress. Still do. I wish I could wear it really wasn't that expensive, only $200 more than the dress I was going to "settle on" at David's Bridal.

    Cute list!!

  2. I just read your '10 honest facts' below, and I am totally the same way about listening to people eat. It drives me insane! It makes me burn up because I get so annoyed by everyone I just want to yell at them... it's like un-natural and I feel bad about it but I can't help it, I just have to try to think of other things or go somewhere else so I won't hear them.
    I also barley-ever wash my jeans, because they shrink so much- and theres nothing worse than the feeling of not being able to buckle them.

    I work at Banana Republic! Next time we get a friends a family cupon code (we get more than I can pass out!) I'll definitley send you one online!

  3. You have something waiting for you on my blog!!

  4. I really like Valentino for Pronovias. My cousin bought for her wedding a Valentino for Pronovias dress, it was perfect!!!