Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Favorite Night of the Week!!

IT'S THURSDAY!! Do you know what that means dear readers?
Grey's Anatomy AND Private Practice!! What could get any better!?

NOPE! I'm so excited, it's pretty much the only thing that gets me through my week here! I saw previews and tonight's episodes look intense!

Derek (my future husband) is faced with the decision to let the death row inmate die and give his organs to some sick boy that Bailey's gotten attached to. I hope there's more with McSteamy and Lexie! He keeps trying to avoid her and obey the "rules" Derek set for him but it's not working and I definitely think they could become a couple soon. Kinda over the whole Callie and her attraction for Meredith's friend. It's just odd and doesn't seem as believe able to me!

As for Private Practice, the commercials seemed to hint that Violet's preggers, Cooper and Charlotte might get engaged? (not too sure about this one,) and a family who's adopting a baby needs a risky surgery. I've been kinda disappointed in PP this season, it seems to be a lot of the same drama. Anyone else agree? I'm hoping tonight proves me wrong!

So where are my Thursday ABC Primetime fans at?? Let me know what you think about tonight's episodes! Have a wonderful night ladies!


  1. I love Grey's Anatomy too. But I thought Derek was to be my husband!!! *Laught*

  2. Wow we have a lot in common. Grey's addict? Check. Banana addict? Check. Find Tina Fey hystericallll. Check. Lover of Burt's Bees? Again check.

    Great post. And those 40 dollar boots are such a steal!!

  3. I have never watched Grey's Anatomy before. Can you believe that?