Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Onward and Upward!

So one of my resolutions was to be healthier and get in shape. I'm taking baby steps but I'm certainly proud of the changes I'm making. Everyday for lunch, I've had one of these StarKist Lunch To-Go things! The past couple days, I've also had a cup of raw veggies (celery, brocoli, and carrots) with ranch dressing that my school sells. To hit my sugar cravings, I treat myself to a couple "fun size"reese peanut butter cups that were in my stocking at Christmas. My other spoiler is a 20 oz bottle of Pepsi that I drink as I'm at my desk for the afternoon. Hopefully I'll phase the soda out soon but I'm making progress! I no longer have it at dinner, instead I've replaced it with a 32 oz cup of ice water. Wahoo!

Before this semester, I had a slice of white pizza everyday for lunch. It was really good but so greasy and I definitely could feel the pounds piling on. There aren't many "healthy" things to eat here so I've picked something packaged with Nutrition Facts on the back. Next year will be much better, I'll have an apartment, be off this crappy meal plan here, and making my own food!

Any college girls out there? How do you eat healthy on a tight budget and possibly without a kitchen?

As for working out, I plan on going to the gym and taking fitness classes. Kickboxing Wednesdays, Yoga Fridays, and a couple of Muscle toning classes on Mondays that I decide not to go to work! Classes start next week so for now, I'll be heading to the cardio room with PreppyFriend, she was my roommate last year but is an RA this year so we both have single rooms!

Fingers crossed everything goes as planned! How are your resolutions coming?


  1. I am a college student too... and having issues eating healthy as well! It is hard when EVERYTHING seems so unhealthy... here a few things i have picked up on though..

    1. Drink as much water as possible. It fills you up sooooo much faster.

    2. Switch up your diet plan so you dont get bored too quickly and splurge on unhealthy stuff. One of my favorite things to grab for a quick lunch is celery and peanut butter!

    3. stick to your workout plan... even if you REALLY dont want to go one day... you will feel soooo much better after you do (one of my guy friends even said I "glowed") lol

    hope this helps!

  2. With my meal plan, I try to take advantage of all the fresh salad ingredients and I try to get the chicken from the grill in our cafeteria, even if the chicken is a little bland, a little salt and pepper help a lot! I also eat the starkist tuna packs, yogurt and sandwiches from the deli line. Where you have pepsi, I always have a can of diet coke. :( But I;m working on it too! Hope some of what I do food wise helps!

    I agree about the water and working out, Tera kay!