Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Nightly Talk Show

I'm a big fan of the show Chelsea Lately on E! She's hilarious and not afraid to say what she's thinking to anyone. She's from New Jersey so we have that in common too! She calls little people "nuggets" and has a sidekick named Chuy who is one. She just said to Scott Baio that he "better get his shit together!" mannn she cracks me up! Other catch phrases include, "What a worldwind," "hot mess," she openly says that red heads can't be taken seriously, and her friend's nicknamed, "Heather Long-Boobs McDonald."

Here's a link to my FAVORITE interview of all time. This is Chelsea interviewing T.I.

On another note, her outfits on the round table and interviews are really cute. I've been watching her show for a year and a half or so and I have yet to see an ugly outfit. It's not quite preppy and probably something I couldn't pull off but still well put together.

She's completely liberal unfortunately but still isn't afraid to make fun of the Clintons. Check out her show! It's on weeknights @ 11:30. My only wish is that it was longer than half an hour!

She has a book out that is next on my reading list, Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. It looks hilarious.

Anyone out there seen her show? Tomorrow's Thursday!! Any Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice fans out there??

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  1. Chelsea is hysterical! I'm not a religious watcher of the show but when I catch it on the tube, I'll watch it!

    And YES! I'm a crazy Grey's Anatomy fan but missed last weeks so I have to catch up before tomorrow!