Thursday, January 15, 2009

Attention Vera Bradley Fans!

The January '09 collection has been released! I saw a sneak preview in the fall but totally forgot about it! I'm so excited to add to my collection! I particularly love the Hope Garden fabric. It's soooo cute! It also is one of the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation patterns, which is a cause close to my heart. But that's another story for another day.

Still haven't decided what I want to get yet. Maybe a backpack? I'd probably only use it for the next year though since I doubt wearing a backpack to a real job other than lifeguarding would garner some negative attention. Maybe a nice spring wallet! Oyyy the possibilities are endless!!

Is anyone else out there a Vera fan? Sometimes I wonder if I'm out of date, like that fad was so 4 years ago. But I still love it, it's so preppy and adorable!


  1. Ooh how exciting! I usually just get Vera at Marshalls or TJ Maxx once it is on sale ;)

  2. Hey!

    Thanks for following my blog! :-)

    I do like Vera Bradley's stationary. I recently won a giveaway with her stationary and it's SO cute and unique. The envelopes are to die for!

    Have a great day!



  3. I love Vera too - its affordable compared to some of the other bags that are on the "in list"

    by the way, I'm in Maryland too!!!