Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Plan!

So since the weather is frigidddd, mainly my plan is to hibernate. It's currently 6 yeah I said it SIX degrees here! The heater in my hallway is not putting out heat and the coldness is slowly seeping into my room. Lovely.
Here's my plan:
  • Clean my room. I'm still not completely unpacked and settled in. It's so unorganized in here and completely frustrates me! Anddd PreppyBF is staying the night tomorrow so definitely need to straighten up things around here.
  • Read and do homework
  • Have a waffle from my cafeteria (they're made freshhh I love them!)
  • Stay warm
  • Watch movies
Basically I'm going to be taking it easy. I'm not anywhere close to inauguration traffic really (thank goodness!) and plan on avoiding the Obama Love Fest all week on TV at all costs. What are you all up to? Anyone else going to skip watching the inauguration?


  1. I definitely plan on skipping the Obama Love Fest...might tune into the Inauguration to see what he has to say, but I haven't decided yet. I know we have to stand behind the new President but I'm still a little bitter (I worked on the McCain campaign), we'll see though.

  2. Couldn't help but leave a comment when I noticed the Jersey shore in the profile!!

    Cute cute blog! Glad I found it. :)