Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

So today's Ash Wednesday! Being Catholic, I've always did the meat-less Fridays but never truly gave anything up for Lent. (One year in elementary school I "gave up" writing dates out with slashes and moved to dashes like 2-25-09.. haha bigg sacrifice) So this year has been a long, emotional year. I've decided that it's time to grow up and start going to church weekly, actually give something up for Lent, and stop being so lazy about it! The boyfriend and I were talking about plans for when I get home and going to get wings on Friday which resulted in him trying to jokingly rationalize eating chicken this Friday (He said atleast it's kosher.. haha no deal my friend.) I really want to grow in my faith, my family goes to church every Sunday but sometimes I feel like it's going through the motions. I'll admit I don't go when I'm here at school, but I always find it comforting to do so when I do go. Anywayyy moral of the story is a) I'm going to church on Sundays from now on b) I won't eat meat on Fridays c) I'm going to make more of an attempt to "get something" out of mass. I'll also be giving up soda and peanut m&ms. They're both staples in my college "diet" and getting rid of them will be tough but for the best!

When I went to grab lunch in the dining hall, a priest was handing out brochures on the Lent mass schedule. Inside has "Alternative Lenten Promises" that I thought I'd share with you all!
- Write a letter to someone who has blessed your life.
- Help someone study for a test
- Go to Church- Every Sunday!
- Smile at 5 people today
- Give God 15 min. of silence and prayer daily
- Give up something you would have a hard time giving up
- Tell a friend "why" they are a good friend to you!
- Drink water at dinner instead of soda and say a prayer for someone who can't afford soda
- Read the Gospel of Mark (only 16 chapters!)
- Find the good in someone you dislike. Tell others about it
- Forgive a friend
- Pray for someone who has hurt you (They don't deserve it, but they need it!)
- Go to Confession (start fresh again!)
- Work on giving up sin. Replace it with faith, kindness, honesty, chastity, patience, respect, and generosity toward others and God.
- Tell God you love him!

Phew that's a whole lot of holy stuff.. I'm not trying to be a big holy roller in any way. I think religion is personal and hate it when people try to push things on me, it usually makes me want to go in the other direction. (Maybe that's why I always fought my parents when I was little, feeling obligated to go to church.)

Anyway it's time for PreppyGirl to take a nap.. I've only gotten 5ish hours of sleep for the past two days and with work due in the next couple of days, there's little chance of improvement. Might as well catch some zzzzs now! I'm going to hop in my pj pants (jeans aren't comfy to nap in) and use my wonderful belated Christmas present from PreppyBf's dad, a SNUGGIE!! I got one! wooo It's so popular it took 6 weeks for it to show up! I must say it's perfect for napping. The fleece isn't too thick so you don't get hot but it's just enough to feel cozy. I definitely recommend. Go buy one!!

After my nap, I have to write a feature article, get started on studying for my econ exam for Friday and a presentation/ handout for my Theology class. I'll be having dinner with A. then out to the outlets for a quick trip and Mass @ 10. 2 more days until home!! My plans
for break post will be posted soon! Take care ladies!


  1. I think it's awesome that you are going to try. It doesn't all have to be super holy stuff, just an effort. God gets it :) Good luck makin' it to church weekly! Once you get into the routine, I promise that it actually feels weird to not go...ha!

  2. I have a hard time going to mass every Sunday as well. My excuse is that it's hard for me to go by myself!! But I'm going to make the effort to go every Sunday!

  3. I'm going to give up sweets. And I am beyond jealous that you are getting a nap because I am beyond tired at this point in time. The child growing in me is sucking out all my energy! :)

  4. I found your blog through Niki's Neverending Adventure... That is really awesome about church, I am getting my husband to go with me and my son this weekend and here on out! I also love that list and going to copy it and do it! made me smile! Good luck with Lent...
    I haven't broken down and bought a snuggie yet--- thinking about it!

  5. I'm going to church to get my ashes in a bit! I'm not going to give anything up, but I am going to be going to church every week and like you said, trying to get more out of it! Hooray.

  6. I've stumbled on your blog and have to say this post has touched a cord. As a bit of a non-practicing Catholic I found the 'alternative lenten promises' list interesting. Thanks for a great post!

  7. I dont eat meat on fridays too. Im cant go to every Sunday but Im going to try!

  8. I found goodness is a girl I've disliked for a good 2 years.. I'm Catholic and this year I've definitely slacked on the religion.. attending mass and so forth!

    BUT.. I have a gift.. check out my blog and you'll see what's in it for you!