Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I already posted today but I thought I'd share with you my frustrations...

<--This is not what the cats looked like. (Image on Google Images!)
-On my tour today (with one family) we just left the chapel so we were talking about masses and how pretty it is etc etc. Out of the corner of my eye, I see these two cats. (We have stray cats all over campus but recently the animal lover/whatever it's called club has gotten them spayed and adopted.) I see them frolicking around having fun so I smile a little bit and then notice the female gray cat stick her rear-end up in the air. REALLY? c'mon kitties.. you're in front of the chapel and I'm on a tour. This is not the time nor place to make babies. So they're going at it (no it doesn't look like they're snuggling.. AT all...) and I'm trying not to laugh nor attract attention to it. But of course they notice and pretend it's not happening... Just can't win!!
-I started a twitter as I've previously said. Any tips on using it?? Experts please help!
-I had to move my car from the professors lot to the upperclassmen lot. I figured since I was going there, I should pack up wintery clothes that I won't wear after I'm back from spring break. So I pack things up for 45 minutes or so... and what do I do?? Yup I left my Vera large duffle full of clothes in my room. I don't even know how I did it! I realized it when I was in my car so it was too late. Grrrrrrrrr....
-I have SOOO much to do for this week. It's the week before Spring Break so professors like to be meeeann and pile on all the work. Blogging is not helping me get this work done!

On a lighter note, I was walking back from the parking lot and it started to snow! It was that large pretty flakes kind.. Made me smile and the walk back not as painfully cold. Is anyone watching the Oscars?? I LOVE Natalie Portman's look. I love that pink, not a big fan of the little glittery pieces a great dress nonetheless! She looks really skinny but that's Hollywood. Her hair is amazing!

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Ok I'm really going to do work now. Hopefully I'll actually get things done!

PS I love Seth Rogen. Hil-ar-i-ous! He looks so much better with his new fit bod!


  1. Love Seth Rogen as well! Definately looking hotter (I didn't mind him chubby) with his new fit body!