Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Answer Round 1!!

thanks to all who wrote comments!! Here we go..
Lou Lou said...

What are you and the bfs plans for apres college? :)

Well... that's pretty much up in the air! It depends on where he ends up for law school but there's a good chance I'd move in with him when I get a job (he also promised to get me a puppy then!) After that the ball (or ring I guess!) is in his court! I told him I wouldn't get engaged in college, but after that it's fair game.
capperson said...

What are you going to school for? I'm not sure if you have posted it before but oh well its a question to break the

Good question! I'm a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in history.I love my school so much, it's liberal arts so I've taken philosophy (which PBF helped me with!), science, math, theology, sociology, business, etc etc.. I think it really gives you a good foundation for whatever you might work in later!

Also, what advice would you give a senior graduating from hs and going out into the world?

Well I'm not in the "real world" yet but if you're going to college, I would say get involved. Join clubs, go to lectures, volunteer, etc. Find something you love, in my case it'd be Admissions. When you find that something, try to learn everything about it and try to do everything in that department (i.e. be an intern, go for that managing editor position.. haha) The more you get involved, the greater your chances of making more friends! Oh and don't go home on weekends if possible, I did and it did NOT help my social life freshman year. Hope that helps!! Email me if you ever need advice!
Classy in Philadelphia said...

I just turned 21...literally 3 hours ago, and may be a little drunky, so I'd like to know....what's your favorite drink?!

Well.... since I'm not 21, the variety of alcohol I've consumed is minimal. I looove Captain Morgan and Coke (I had it probably for 2 straight years when I would visit PBF @ his school.) I also like Arbor Mist (Exotic Fruits) but it's cheap and so yuummmy. I like pina coladas, Strawberry Daquiries, "Dirty Shirleys" (a shirley temple with vodka.. can't even taste it= drunk PreppyGirl at PBF's cousin's wedding,) and Bud Light Lime. Okay I'll stop.. don't want to corrupt anyonee haha.. I'll give you a more extensive list in July when I turn 21! Wooooo!

Keep the questions coming ladies!! I'd love to hear what topics can be clarified and what you'd like to know about me!!

P.S. Hope you lucky ladies who went to Martha had a great time! I wish I were there to meet all of you. I can't wait to hear all about it, anyone have a link so I can watch the episode online?


  1. Oh la la, love this game and super cute answers to precious questions. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo-BLC

  2. if you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

  3. I lived in D.C. when I was in preschool and when I was in grades 4-6. It was one of my favorite places I lived growing up around the country! ♥

  4. Loved your answers! :) I think we're the same aage... I'll be twenty one in May! I'm excited! The city I live in has one of the most bars per capita!

    Are you asking the BF for a yorkie? Or do you want a different kind of dog? ...I originally wanted a maltese, but when we went puppy window shopping, I fell in love with my little guy! We got him a week after we moved in together! :)

    I hope you have a good day!!!

  5. So, I was reading through this usual...not thinking I'd see my name on there, but sure enough: I apparently asked a question! Haha, silly drunky me.