Thursday, March 12, 2009


I will get to your questions tonight, keep posting!! However I encountered something completely sickening that I thought I'd address it here.

I walk into my 11AM class and the girl is wearing a Chris Brown concert t-shirt. I thought okay not something I'd wear, especially hearing what that bastard did to Rihanna. But I move on and somewhat ignore it. However, C.Brown's face was staring at me from the t-shirt which creeped me out haha.. So as my professor's taking attendance, he looks up and sees this girl's tshirt and says "Oh... Are you a fan of Chris Brown? Even with all the legal trouble he's in?" She responds quickly, "yeah I am.. I mean what he did was wrong but whatever."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? just whatever?? so I start to get annoyed.. But it gets worse.

The professor said "interesting.. have you gone to his concerts?"
She responds, "Yeah I go, I went to one in Dec. of last year.. it was the best three hours of my life"
Prof: " You don't think he's a bad person?"
Girl: "Well obviously she must have done something that would make him do that. I've heard she's not a nice person."

I lost it. I wanted to yell at this stupid stupid chris brown fan. I shook my head in disbelief and this other girl spoke up and sarcastically said, "It's like she deserved it!"

I've completely lost all respect for this CBrown Fan. How dare she say this attack is somehow Rihanna's fault. A man should never NEVER hit a woman, regardless of the circumstance. Who cares if she's not a nice person? What was done to her is disgusting and repulsive that people are sticking up for this guy. I can't believe a girl would say it. So if you weren't a nice person, does that give a bf the right to beat the hell out of you? I don't think so.

What are your thoughts on the situation? I know this is long and dragged out by the tabloids but I think the underlying issue at hand should be addressed.

On a lighter note, answers to your questions will be posted tonight. Keep asking away!


  1. Wow. Well, with all that said ... at least you have a hip professor. I am in law school and "hip" nor "professor" belong in the same sentence. EVER!!! Xoxo-BLC

  2. I totally agree with you. There is no circumstance in which a man should hit a woman. I cannot believe anyone would continue to support him, especially after seeing how severely he beat her. Awful!

  3. Although you do make an excellent point, keep in mind this incident is completely media induced, we, as th public, have no actual knowledge of what actually went on between the two of them.

    Just because Chris Brown has a flawed and very public personal life at the moment does not make him any less of a person than you or I. The fan enjoys his music and his work as a performer, not as a person. And although yes, his actions as a person reflect on his career, we, again, have no idea what the actual circumstances were.

    People make mistakes. Even good people do bad things but that doesn't make him a bad person.

    Just something to keep in mind.:)

  4. How terrible! Ugh, some people are so ignorant!

  5. OMG. Is this girl for real? How could she possibly support him after he did that, regardless of if she is "nice" or not. Gross. If I were your professor, I'd probably look at her differently from then for her reputation.

  6. I think, in the absolute worst of circumstances, I could see how it is possible for a man to physically strike a woman. Let's say, hypothetically, that my girlfriend (not "PreppyGF," seeing as how this is hypothetical, obviously) tells me that she knowingly and maliciously gave me HIV, that she got whilst cheating on me with my best friend. She then proceeds to stab me in one eyeball with a ballpoint pen. I think I would probably lose composure and punch her in the face. But that would be about it.

    No man should EVER put their hands on a female in any situation short of self-defense in a scenario where grievous bodily harm may befall said man.

    Responding to "Who is She?":
    No, we don't know the exact circumstances of the actual incident. You are right in that respect. But we have access to the pictures of Rihanna, post-beating. Barring some kind of anti-Chris Brown conspiracy between the LAPD and Photoshop professionals, those pictures show an extent of injury that could not have been the outcome of anything other than a malicious beating, over an excessive period of time. Without a [reasonable] doubt, Chris Brown's actions were reprehensible and merit an extended period of time in a cell, where he will bond with his future roommate named "Tiny."

  7. Oh my gosh, wow. That is horrific. What a stupid, stupid girl.

  8. Unbelievable! That is totally ridiculous!

  9. OMG! No man should hit a woman its totally out of order. I H8 CBrown now! Most of the women in my family have suffered domestic abuse in one way or another. I hope RiRi gets rid of the looser as i heard that they're back together. Oh and it was all about a txt msg tht his manager/publicist dunno which sent him and RiRi freaked!!