Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy PreppyGirl

Hello chickadees! I'm back from class early so I thought I'd update my lovely followers. It wasn't completely warm out today but I wore flip flops! I'm sitting here with the tv on and the birds are chirping their brains out. I looove it! Spring is here, I have a total of 4 weeks of school left, and I can leave the window open!! I love it! At school they pack away the Adirondack chairs for the winter but a couple days ago they were put back out!! I'm very happy, it means Spring is here!! My friends and I love to take walks at night or sit in them when it's too hot in our rooms. When I get back from Easter Break, I hope it'll be warm enough to sit outside!

I can't wait to see Real Housewives of NYC tonight. I absolutely despise Kelly. She's completely self absorbed! Who cares if they put your name on the announcement? She swears she's the best thing since sliced bread. Kelly and LuAnn are truly meant for each other. (By the way LuAnn's getting a divorce?! Haha oyy I wonder how long she'll hold onto her Count-tesssss title!.. Maybe she should write a new book, From Royalty to Reality: The LuAnn Story- because everyone cares what her life really is like!) I love Bethenny and Jill- I think they're the most genuine out of the bunch. Before this whole newspaper gig started to pick up, my mom and I would text each other during the show... it was hilarious! It was kinda like twitter with mommy dearest. Last time I was home, we took a walk and we talked about RHoNYC the WHOLE time. We both decided that Alex and Simon are complete wanna-bes. Who has an inflatable pool and plays it off like they're living the high life??! My mom also pointed out that she thinks they split a townhouse In the episode where Jill is shown the construction zone, they never go up the stairs! Their kitchen, bedrooms are all either on the same floor as the entrance or down the stairs. ODD! Not even going to mention their pathetic Hamptons rental. Pathetic. Maybe they should stop spending their money on "wearable art" and save some to actually "keep up" with the NYC "elite!" Yeahh.. Not a fan of Alex/Simon.. at all.. I don't know why Jill associates with them.

Annnyway I'm going to get some work done before I head back to the PreppyNewspaper Office.. oh! I don't know if I officially announced it yet here though!! I will officially be the Managing Editor for next year!! WOOOOT!! Haha Huge responsibility but I'm definitely excited to make some changes.

Have a wonderful night! Let me know what you think about tonight's episode!


  1. Congrats on the new position!!! I'm sure you'll do great!!!!!! :)

  2. I love the Real Housewives of NYC!! It is a fabulous show and Bethany and Jill are my favorites as well..they are hilarious!!

  3. Congrats on your new position! How exciting!