Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick Story

Hello loveliesss! I don't have much time, I gotta run to get dinner with A. then head to the newspaper meeting. Today's my grandmother's birthday! I thought I'd share a funny story that she would tell us about her birthday.

When my grandmother was born, her father was waiting outside of the room to hear if it was a boy or a girl. He already had sons, they were hoping for a daughter. The doctor opened the door to the waiting room and told him, "It's a BOY!!" Waiting to hear my great grandfather's reaction, the doctor said "APRIL FOOLS!" And the rest is history.. haha

Off to dinner!! Have a wonderful night!


  1. that is precious! what a cute april fools story :)

  2. Funny! I have a similar story about me that my family likes to tell...

    When I came out my Dad and my Aunt were in the delivery room with my Mother. The doctor pulled me out and both my Aunt and my Father saw the imbilical (spell) cord and thought I was a boy.... THANK GOD I am not, I love to shop wayyyy too much!

  3. Too funny! How precious that they got their girl!

  4. So cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am in definite need of a bikini ready body so I hope this works! :)