Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Fever

Hello ladies!! Hope this finds you staying warm! We have about 5-6 inches of snow here. Frankly I'm over it. I went to the outlets with my mom and got plenty of spring clothes that I can't even them! I am on SPRING break, the weather should act accordingly! Hopefully this will be the last snow and the temperatures will be onward and upward!

Right now I just finished my french toast (that I made myself woo!) and am watching Who's Wedding Is It Anyway? One of the couples is from MD and he's on the Ravens. It was probably the most expensive yet tacky wedding I've seen! Her veil looked circa 1983 and odd phrases were plastered everywhere to cover up the advertisements inside the stadium.

Yesterday PreppyBF and I spent the day inside. We watched Rob from Rob and Big's new show.. soo funny! Then I wanted to watch Days of Our Lives and the BF refused to watch so he suggested watching Made of Honor! haha It was completely predictable but I love Patrick Dempsey so it was worth the 90 minutes haha.. The chick flicks continued later with Father of the Bride II.. I forgot how much I loved those movies!

Anywayyy I better get moving, I need a shower. Not sure what we're doing today but hopefully going to be celebrating PreppyBoyfriend's LSAT scores tonight or sometime soon! This snow has been quite the party pooper!

Have a wonderful day kiddos! I'll post more about my outlet buys soon!


  1. I am sooo ready for spring to get here too. Unfortunately I think I have a few more months to go. But a girl can dream....right?!

  2. I'm soo with ya on the spring thing! COME NOW!!!! Can't wait to see you new springy stuff! I'm trying to wait until the end of this month or early April...we'll see how that goes :)

  3. Oh gosh, I can't wait for spring either! The weather here is so crazy, one day we are talking about working out in shorts and two days later it's snowing.. ahhhh!