Friday, March 6, 2009

Summer is a month and a half away.

Aghh! After posting about how much I want spring to come, I realized that summer starts May 5th. Crazy. I don't have enough time to get the things I need to get done!

1. Lose weight- If I'm guarding/managing my water park this summer, I NEED to get back in shape. These Christmas lbs are not cute. I've been working out daily for the past two days (not much I know) but I really need to get this ball rolling. When I get back to school it's going to be studying, working out, and eating right. No vegging out in front of the tv for hours on end. It's not going to cut it anymore!
2. Get an internship- I've talked to my dad about this, he's talked to the PR firm that his company hired. Apparently they have a partner in D.C. that might have something for me.. we'll see about this, I'm not getting my hopes up though. I also plan on talking to my advisor who's a professional journalist, the career center, etc. Any PR ladies out there with some tips? Any PR/event planners out there looking for a summer intern??
3. Get better grades- Once again, I've started slacking. It was more going through the motions waiting for the next break. Now that it's almost over, I've hopefully caught a second wind and can get those grades up.

....this post really resembles my New Year's Resolutions post... sighhh....

I've been doing really well with Lent. I've given up Colas which has in turn meant giving up caffiene- it's been REALLY hard, especially during exam weeks when I get little to no sleep but totally worth it. I feel much better, let alone I'm much more conscious of what I'm drinking. Reese's peanut butter cups and Peanut M&Ms are also on the give-up list. I haven't been as tempted to eat them but I know when Easter comes around those Reeses peanut butter eggs have my NAME on it.

Anywayyy I better get to bed.. Preppyboyfriend is off of work tomorrow and taking care of his little sister (she's 12) who got her wisdom teeth pulled today. She's already eating pancakes and wants doughnuts tomorrow! (CHAMP) Maybe I'll take his family's pug for a nice walk, it's supposed to be 62 degrees here. Should be good walking weather for the pooch, any hotter and he likes to quit. Straight up sit on the sidewalk and give up. You'd have to pick him up or call the house for someone to drive over to pick you up! Silly puggy.. My family doesn't have a dog so he's the closest I have! How could you not looooove that faceee!!

Happy Friday bloggy friends! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to hear from you all soon! Take care!


  1. Giving up soda and reese's/peanut M&M's? TALENTED! I live on both of them... and the pug is SO cute! Good luck taking him for a walk! :)

  2. The pug is too cute! I need to get back into shape too for summer. It's coming too fast!

  3. I can't believe summer is so close. I am SO ready to be done with school!

  4. Do you mean to say that there are such things are Reeses peanut butter Easter eggs!? :O
    I bet they don't sell them here in NZ though. Sadly. :(

  5. Good for you doing well with Lent! I'm doing well with my goal of praying every night and attending church each week, so far!

    I really need to lose some weight as well. I'm a lifeguard in the summer, and I am not going to look cute in a bathing suit anytime soon!

    I'm a PR student, and I've had a few internships and I work for a student-run PR firm, so if you ever want to talk PR let me knowww! <3